Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA)

APAMSA (Asian Pacific American MEdical Student Association)

Welcome to our club at LECOM Bradenton: Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association!

The purpose of the LECOM-B APAMSA is:

1. To raise awareness regarding Asian cultures within and outside medicine.

2. To provide opportunities, e.g. volunteer opportunities, to educate students about both general and specific Asian cultures regarding medicine and health. 

3. To develop communication and teamwork within APAMSA and in the Asian and non-Asian community. 

4. To unify a body of students and promote fellowship and professionalism.

5. To provide information from outstanding leaders in our community, as well as networking.

APAMSA is an Asian interest organization but not Asian exclusive. Members do not have to be Asian to join. No discrimination will be tolerated. We welcome anyone who is interested to join!

To see our social media posts, follow us on insta @lecomb_apamsa 🙂