Student Research Association (SRA)

Student Research Association (SRA)

Class of 2026 officers:

President: Mike Wallace

Vice President: Adam Bobak

Secretary: Allison Walkins

Treasurer: Hilda Reyes Salvador

Advisor: Dr. Benton                                                                                                                         

The Student Research Association is dedicated to organizing student-led research centered on improving the field of osteopathic medicine. The club provides an introduction into the research process and allows students to become involved to their appropriate comfort level. Membership is open to students in the medical, dental, and pharmacy schools as we attempt to collaborate within our LECOM community. Additionally, we guide students with other individual research projects as we match students and faculty with similar research interests. We work closely with the faculty research committee to expand research as a whole at LECOM-Bradenton.

Annual group research project
Annual Research Day
Faculty Match Program
Journal club
Community service events
Summer lab skills course
Summer research internships (BioScent K9)

Dues are $20 

SRA 2017-2018 Group Research Project
This year, the SRA has decided to expand upon last year’s group project by investigating the effects of a single thoracic lymphatic pump or rib raising treatment compared to standard pulmonary rehabilitation (SPR) techniques and placebo (light touch) in adults with chronic asthma. Last year’s project determined that a single treatment of Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy (OMT) in young, healthy adults did not have a significant effect on improved pulmonary function as compared to standard pulmonary treatments. This year’s project hopes to expand on this finding by focusing on adults with chronic asthma. Check out last year’s SRA poster presentation at LECOM Research Day and a similar study that investigated OMT in asthmatics (Quantifiable effects of OMT on patients with chronic asthma).
SRA Research Project Poster 2016
SRA Research Project Poster 2017

Interested in joining our research as a research assistant or participant? Please contact club president for details!

Application for COSGP Winter Research Symposium at Nova Southeastern University. Top poster receives a $250 prize

Application for National Student Researcher of the Year

2016 SRA LECOM Research Day poster

2017 SRA LECOM Research Day poster