Student American Academy of Osteopathy (SAAO)

Class of 2024 officers:
President: Jonathan Nguyen
Vice President: Ericka-Kate Asis
Secretary: Jayden Glover
Treasurer: Hamaad Khan
National Liaison: Amanpreet Grewal 
Community Outreach: David Phrathep
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Boesler

SAAO is the Student American Academy of Osteopathy (also known as the “OMM club”). During SAAO meetings, members are taught new techniques or variations of techniques learned in class. SAAO also holds open labs every week to allow students more time to master techniques they are having trouble with. Every year SAAO goes to Convocation, which is a week long national conference centered around OMM that gives students a chance to meet D.O.s who are experts in their fields and learn how they incorporate OMM into their practices.
There are 5 officer positions in SAAO. The president of the club is in charge of fundraising, including selling tables and T-shirts, as well as running the monthly meetings. The vice president is in charge of setting up volunteer events which happen at least once a semester. The secretary is in charge of taking the meeting notes and sending out email updates to club members. The treasurer is in charge of the bank account and gets food for the monthly meetings. Finally, the national liason keeps in contact with the national branch of SAAO.

Dues are $10 and can be paid to Hamaad Khan (Venmo: @Hamaad-K)