Military Medicine Club

Military Medicine Club

Class of 2024 officers:
President: Jayden Glover
Vice President: Troy Clark
Secretary: Kavanagh-Faye Bushnell
Treasurer: Melanie Mercado
National SAMOPS Liasion: Lauren Bettencourt
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Farr

Monthly Meetings: 2nd Monday of the Month


The Military Medicine Club works to unite the LECOM students of all the military branches and their supporters. The Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen work together to prepare their respective military training and provide advice on how to be successful in the military society. The Military Medicine Club also hopes to raise awareness, at LECOM and in the community, for the unique health problems facing today’s military. LECOM military students feel honored to have the opportunity to take care of America’s heroes in the future.

Upcoming Events:
SAMPOS Conference: TBD
Adopt-A-Soldier Volunteering: TBD

Become a member of your national association! Student Association of Military Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons!

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Past Events:
Preparation for Officer Development School/Military Indoctrination
Walk for Multiple Sclerosis
Mentoring at Sarasota Military Academy