LECOM-B MedPride Class of 2026 Executive Board:
President: Soren Nguyen
Vice President: Sarath Mohan
Treasurer: Dencie Devora
Club Advisor: Dr. Angela Benton 

LECOM-B MedPride is an official chapter of Medical Student Pride Alliance (MSPA)

Our Mission:

  1. Support and empower sexual and gender minority medical students and allies.
  2. Increase the number of physicians educated in LGBTQ-inclusive health care.
  3. Address the unique needs of LGBTQ+ communities primarily through research, advocacy, and service.

Club Goals:

  1. Embody the mission of Medical Student Pride Alliance as a chartered chapter, in their efforts to unite LGBTQ+ medical students, increase collaboration in medical queer communities, and promote LGBTQ+ students’ participation in medicine. 
  2. Provide a welcoming environment for honest discussion and reflection to LGBTQ+ medical students as well as allies.
  3. Foster conversation about issues facing the LGBTQ+ community with specific regard to the field of medicine and disparities in health care/sexual education.
  4. Promote and facilitate participation in community events that serve the LGBTQ+ community and provide hands-on experience to club members. 
  5. Assist members in speaking openly and comfortably about sexual and reproductive health topics, and learn how to engender intentional safe spaces for a marginalized population when sensitive topics need to be discussed.

Mission of Success:

  1. Service events: Volunteering in the local community to advocate for social awareness.
  2. Lecture series/speakers.
  3. National events: Organize events, fundraisers, campaigns, rallies etc. around recognized days. 
  4. Surveys: Administer surveys to better understand class makeup and representation, and educate on potential social biases.

Reach Out!

  1. All dues ($15) paid to our treasurer Sophie Murdock @sophmurd 
  2. Club meeting times/dates will be posted to Facebook –
  3. Contact us by email anytime with questions or suggestions!