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TOUCH Authorization Form

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The T.O.U.C.H. program encourages all osteopathic medical students to become more involved in community service. In this program, students are recognized for their time spent in the community.  For questions concerning the T.O.U.C.H. program, please contact the School Coordinator, Mary Martino, at mmartino70647@med.lecom.edu or refer to the below document.


    1. What is TOUCH?
      TOUCH (Translating Osteopathic Understanding into Community Health) is a national initiative of the Council of Student Government Presidents (COSGP). This program encourages OMS to engage in service throughout their community, in order to expand the osteopathic ideals and principles to those unaware of our professional values. Service goes beyond mere health promotion and can include a wide array of involvement that has a strong positive impact on peoples’ lives.


    1. What kinds of activities are TOUCH point eligible?
      Any event that involves active participation or directly benefits the betterment of the community!


    1. What kinds of activities are not TOUCH point eligible?
      Activities and leadership responsibilities  in a COM student organization (i.e. meetings, bringing in speakers, etc.)
      Any activity for which compensation was received, volunteering in research, events done through a scholarship, Advocacy Days, tutoring of classmates/peers, shadowing a physician or healthcare professional, conference attendance, etc.


    1. Do I get points for event planning?
      Yes! 1 hour of planning = 0.5 TOUCH points. A maximum of half the time of the total length of the event can be claimed for planning. For example, if an event runs for 5 hours, the maximum number of hours you can claim for planning is 2.5. The maximum planning hours allowed to be claimed during a TOUCH year is 15 hours.


    1. Do I get credit for the TOUCH program?
      Yes! A minimum completion of 50 hours is required to receive the Silver TOUCH Award. 100 hours gets you Gold recognition. A letter of commendation will be sent to the Dean from the President of AACOM suggesting that the Dean include the student’s commitment to service in his/her Dean’s letter.


  1. What if I don’t see my questions answered here?
    If you have any questions about the TOUCH Program or eligibility, do not hesitate to reach out to LECOM-B TOUCH Coordinator, Mary Martino (mmartino70647@med.lecom.edu).


Volunteer Hours

If you would like to submit your volunteer hours to LECOM, complete the following steps:

1. Sign on to Evalue
2. Select “LECOM, LECOM- Bradenton”
3. Under “Tasks” box in the middle of your main page, select “Initiate Ad hoc Evaluations”
4. Select “Volunteer Survey” and proceed to fill out
5. Please click Here for additional instructions